White House's HHS Valentine to Catholics



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ABSTRACT HHS MANDATE/ Happy Valentine’s Day from the Catholic Church! Welcome   |   Login   |   Sign Up   | RSS Make This your Homepage   |   advanced research   SEARCH   Culture & Religion MILANO | ROMA | LAVORO | TRASPORTI E MOBILITA | ENERGIA E AMBIENTE | EMMECIQUADRO | L'ASSAGGIO DI MASSOBRIO ENGLISH AUTORI | INTERVISTATI Home Arts & Media Culture Economics Education From the World Politics Science Welfare & Subsidiarity Culture & Religion Tweet HHS MANDATE/ Happy Valentine’s Day from the Catholic Church! Margaret McCarthy February Tue 14, 2012 St. Valentine baptizing Saint Lucille Related Articles HHS DEBATE/ It’s a question of liberty not contraception CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ The Church's right to govern itself at stake CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ Religious Freedom’s Contribution to the American Experience and Threats to its Survival HEALTH/ Purpose, Palliative Care, and Respect for Human Life read the dossier Freedom of Religion read the Features The HHS Mandate debate The recent HHS ruling that would have required Catholic Institutions to purchase “health products” which they deem morally illicit -and the newer “accommodation” from the White House that would have them purchase them only indirectly (good try!) - have brought into the spotlight the question of religious freedom , a question which in many ways goes to the heart of the American soul. It is almost impossible to find anyone who doesn’t believe in “religious freedom,” which is why so many who couldn’t care less about contraception and abortion have joined hands together with the Catholic Church, and other religious authorities, against the ruling. It has been said over and over again that “it’s not about contraception (or abortion or sterilization), but about religious freedom.” At first glance, this seems to be true. And yet this begs the question about what exactly “religious freedom” consists in. Listening to the claims in favor of it, it would seem to be simply a matter of having space to hold and practice a set of tenets and moral prohibitions which are themselves nothing more than idiosyncratic (and irrational) “beliefs” (akin to belief in Santa Claus, or the prohibition on stepping on cracks in the sidewalk), none of which could hold any sway over anyone other than members of the religion itself. While religious .......