White House doesn't understand what it is up against



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ABSTRACTBreitbart Breitbart.com Connect Facebook Twitter RSS Search Global Navigation Login Register Subscribe Primary Navigation Big Hollywood Big Government Big Journalism Big Peace Breitbart TV It's On: Court Strikes Back at Obama Jan Crawford of CBS reports that a three-member panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to "answer by Thursday whether the Obama Administration believes that the courts have the right to strike down a federal law." The court's response appears to be a direct challenge to President Barack Obama's attack yesterday on the Supreme Court and the power of judicial review, which federal courts have exercised for over 200 years. by Breitbart News The Imperial President: Obama Wages War on SCOTUS, Congress by Ben Shapiro Occupy Hollywood! Stars Turn Out For Van Jones Occupy by John Sexton Iran State Press: True Muslims Obligated to Destroy Israel by AWR Hawkins NYT Zimmerman Edit Even Worse in Print Edition by Joel B. Pollak ABC News Correspondent: Trayvon Shot 'Because He Was Black' by John Nolte Now Playing On Breitbart TV Obama Lectures Journalists: Stop Reporting That Republicans Have Equally Valid Arguments Obama: No Plan B If SCOTUS Overturns Obama Mocks Romney For Saying 'Marvelous' The Vetting - Obama Channels Derrick Bell in Attack on Supreme Court Joel B. Pollak NBC Contributor Jokes On Air: Palin Hit On Me John Nolte Class less Lauer to Palin: Should Romney Choose VP with More Experience than You Had? Palin: GOP Ticket Will Be 'Clobbered' by 'Lamestream Media' War on Women: Alec Baldwin Calls Reporter 'Nutty Bitch' US Offers $10 Million for Pakistani Militant Chief Al-Qaeda sites go silent in possible cyber attack France to Seek Terror Charges Against Thirteen Captured Islamists World's Largest Solar Power Plant Goes Bankrupt The CEO of Solar Trust, Uwe T. Schmidt, declined a federal loan, saying it was "too risky." The Obama administration was willing to loan more than two billion taxpayer dollars to a company which was unwilling to take that kind of risk. The company's bankruptcy filings indicate they employed only nine people. Obama's 'Jewbag' Liaison to the Jewish Community ABC News Correspondent: Trayvon Shot 'Because He Was Black' Biden: Pregnancy a ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ Levi Johnston to Be a Dad -- Again Mega Millions Maryland Winner in Hiding, Won't Share with Coworkers U.K. Spectator: Has 'Mad Men' Jumped the Shark? James Cameron: 'We All Feel a Sense Of Disappointment In Obama' Romney, Santorum Tight in Wis. Primary Jarrett Touts Obama 'Action' on Chicago Youth Violence Despite Spate of Shootings Occupy Oakland Gets Violent ... Again Runaway Student Loan Debt Threatens Economic Recovery Clinton Condemns Rush’s ‘Verbal Assault’ Of Fluke Politico Attributes Tina Fey Line to Sarah Palin Eliot Spitzer's Current TV Ratings Go Limp Oprah Struggles to Save Network, 'Won't Be Out There' For Obama No Joke: Beatles' Kids Might Form 'Beatles: The Next Generation' Private Investigator: O.J. Innocent, Son Did It Netanyahu: Iran sanctions ineffective Palestinians honor Helen Thomas's anti-Israel stance Greece Demands WWII Reparations from Germany Michelle Stumps to Kids: Tell Grandma to Vote Obama Michelle Obama, who has quickly become the Obama campaign’s tip of the spear when it comes to fund raising and vote-getting, is now stumping for children to convince their “great-grandparents” to vote.......