Cardinal Dolan is 'skeptical' of President Obama


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ABSTRACTDolan is ‘skeptical’ of Obama - New York Daily News NYDN Home → Collections → Health Insurance Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan is sparring with Preisdent Obama about a contraception… Dolan is ‘skeptical’ of Obama ALISON GENDAR, TRACY CONNOR Thursday, February 09, 2012 Archbishop Timothy Dolan said Thursday he’s “skeptical” of President Obama and accused him of breaking a promise by forcing Catholic institutions to offer employees insurance for birth control. As he gears up for his trip to Rome to be made a cardinal, Dolan shows no sign of easing up his attacks on the White House over the contraception controversy — which has spawned its first lawsuit. Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” he said that when he met with Obama in November in the Oval Office, he was assured the administration would not do anything to “impede” the Catholic Church. So, he said, when Obama called him Jan. 20 to tell him he was forging ahead with the birth-control mandate, “it left me very unhappy.” “It seems to be at odds with very sincere assurances he gave me that he wanted to continue to work with the church,” Dolan said. As the birth-control disagreement has morphed into an election-year uproar over religious freedom and women’s rights, the White House has suggested it’s willing to forge a compromise. But Dolan indicated he’d take whatever Obama has to say now with a grain of salt. “I hope he would understand I’m a bit skeptical because he gave us some promises,” he said. “I’m a little skeptical. ... I’m saying, ‘Wow, I hope I can continue to work with him here.’” The provision, part of health-care reform, requires nearly all employers to offer workers health insurance coverage for no-cost contraception and sterilization. Houses of worship and religious groups that only employ worke.......