It's a question of liberty not contraception



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ABSTRACT HHS DEBATE/ It’s a question of liberty not contraception | Pages 3 Welcome   |   Login   |   Sign Up   | RSS Make This your Homepage   |   advanced research   SEARCH   Culture & Religion MILANO | ROMA | LAVORO | TRASPORTI E MOBILITA | ENERGIA E AMBIENTE | EMMECIQUADRO | L'ASSAGGIO DI MASSOBRIO ENGLISH AUTORI | INTERVISTATI Home Arts & Media Culture Economics Education From the World Politics Science Welfare & Subsidiarity Culture & Religion Tweet HHS DEBATE/ It’s a question of liberty not contraception Lorenzo Albacete February Wed 08, 2012 part of the Oscar Straus memorial for the right to worship Related Articles CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ "Catholics for Sebelius," indeed J'ACCUSE/ Why Obama is wrong on the HHS conscience regulations U.S./ Conscience Protection: Presidential Betrayal CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ Religious Freedom’s Contribution to the American Experience and Threats to its Survival read the Features The HHS Mandate debate I fear that if the issue remains a conflict about contraception, supporters of the HHS ruling are right in thinking that Obama can politically survive the conflict. For over four decades there has been no effort to educate Catholics about the faith origins of the Church’s teaching about contraception. For this reason, it is important to insist that the debate is not about contraception, but about religious liberty - not only the individual's liberty, but that of the Church. An example of what can happen is the response of Senator Joe Manchin III, a moderate and a Catholic in a tough reelection fight in West Virginia, a swing State needed by Obama : "This is America. Under our Constitution, religious organizations have the freedom to follow their beliefs, and government should honor that," Manchin said in a statement. "The Obama administration's position on this mandate is wrong and just doesn't make any sense to me. I'm talking to my Democratic and Republican colleagues about any ways we can fight this misguided decision." Sister Carol Keehan, h.......