White House looking for way to calm growing election-year firestorm


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ABSTRACTWhite House to address controversial birth control policy – USATODAY.com The Day in Pictures White House to address controversial birth control policy By Susan Walsh, AP Catholic churches across the U.S. have expressed scorn for the new federal rule. The Obama administration has defended its committment to increasing access to preventive services. Published: 2/7/2012 3:41:36 PM WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House says it wants to allay the concerns of Catholic church-affiliated employers over a new requirement for them to provide birth control coverage regardless of their religious beliefs. Press secretary Jay Carney didn't say how those concerns could be addressed, though he said there were a lot of ideas for doing it. He continued to defend the new policy, while making clear Tuesday that the White House is looking for a way to calm the growing election-year firestorm that's erupted since it was announced late .......