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ABSTRACTThe Tower : Students Respond to HHS: A Sign of the Times Home Links School Newspapers Online News Feed Comments The Tower The news site of The Catholic University of America Home Calendar Staff Classifieds About The Tower… News Quill A&E Sports Page 2 Home > Quill > Students Respond to HHS: A Sign of the Times Students Respond to HHS: A Sign of the Times Related Content Last 5 stories in Quill Contraception: Church Teaching Aims Beyond Mediocrity - March 28, 2012 Relay for Life a Chance to Put Faith into Action - March 28, 2012 Towards a World with More Birthdays - March 28, 2012 Letter to the Editor: To Review or Not to Review - March 28, 2012 Take Action to Aid Palestine - March 28, 2012 Other stories that might interest you... Letter to the Editor: Students at pro-mandate conference want university to compromise conscience Potential Health and Human Services Regulations “Un-American” HSS Mandate Violates First Ammendment Rights: Student Comments Misrepresent CUA Debate of the Week: Occupy DC Accomplishes Little Acting Within the System A Look at Liberty Robert McGill, Class of 2013 February 6, 2012 Filed under Quill The HHS mandate handed down a few weeks ago is a concern for everyone, especially Catholics, liberal and conservative alike. The existence of so-called ‘conscience clauses’ that allowed for the exemption of religious principle is one of the most sacred traditions in our country, safeguarded by the First Amendment, religious liberty, and freedom of expression. Taxes are mandatory. There are no two ways about it; if you don’t pay your taxes, you will be arrested and you will go to jail. You won’t be asked politely to go to jail; you will be forced to go at the point of a gun. There is a wonderful definition of government force that the great Penn Jillette said once in an interview. He said that government force is essentially whatever you would be willing to have done in your name (with tax money), at the point of a gun. Because taxes are compulsory, every action done with those taxes is also compulsory. Modern liberals and progressives seem to be in favor of the new HHS mandate, which strips religious objection and denies individuals (whom liberals claim to defend) the right to stand on principle. And it does it all at the point of a gun. The question is, are modern liberals really willing to overturn religious conviction at the point of a gun? Given this definition, there are several things I am willing to have done in my name at the point of a gun. I am willing to stop murder, theft, child abuse, spousal abuse, and other forms of violence. At the point of a gun, I am not willing to force others to pay for something that goes against their moral convictions, their consciences, and their religious teachings, and it is fundamentally wrong to do so. In the 2000’s, when then-President Bush federally funded ‘faith-based initiatives,’ atheists and non-religious people, including many liberals, objected to this as a violation of the separation of church and state, and they were right. The bottom line is an at.......