Libertas ecclesiae: freedom for the truth


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ABSTRACT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Libertas ecclesiae: freedom for the truth Welcome   |   Login   |   Sign Up   | RSS Make This your Homepage   |   advanced research   SEARCH   Culture & Religion MILANO | ROMA | LAVORO | TRASPORTI E MOBILITA | ENERGIA E AMBIENTE | EMMECIQUADRO | L'ASSAGGIO DI MASSOBRIO ENGLISH AUTORI | INTERVISTATI Home Arts & Media Culture Economics Education From the World Politics Science Welfare & Subsidiarity Culture & Religion Tweet RELIGIOUS FREEDOM/ Libertas ecclesiae: freedom for the truth Scott Dodge February Wed 22, 2012 Pope John XXIII Related Articles POLITICS/ The relationship between the Bible and public life HHS MANDATE/ Excused from Prudence: Contraception and the Mother of all Virtues HHS MANDATE/ It still undermines religious freedom HHS MANDATE/ Happy Valentine’s Day from the Catholic Church! read the dossier Freedom of Religion read the Features The HHS Mandate debate Reading Bl. Pope John's radio address of 11 September 1962, I came across something that is very germane to the current contraception kerfuffle. Well, in reality two things. First, he said that the Second Vatican Council would "present, in clear language, solutions which are demanded by the dignity of man and of his vocation as a Christian." Among these solutions was "the strenuous defense of the sacred character of matrimony (which imposes upon the married couple an understanding of generous love, from which results the procreation of children), considered in its religious and moral aspect within the framework of the gravest responsibilities of a social nature, in time for eternity " (emboldened emphasis mine). A little later in the address, Good Pope John asked, "What is to be said concerning the relations between the Church and civil society?" To which he replied, "We are living in the midst of a new political world. One of the fundamental rights which the Church can never renounce is that of religious liberty, which is not merely freedom of worship.” "The Church vindicates and teaches this liberty, and on that account, she continues to suffer anguishing pain in many countries. The Church cannot renounce this liberty, because it is inseparable from the service she is bound to fulfill . This service does not stand as the corrective or the complement of what other institutions ought to do, or have appropriated to themselves, but it is an essential and irreplaceable element of the design of Providence to place man upon the path of truth and .......