The true rights of women and men



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ABSTRACT HHS MANDATE/ The true rights of women and men Welcome   |   Login   |   Sign Up   | RSS Make This your Homepage   |   advanced research   SEARCH   Politics & Society MILANO | ROMA | LAVORO | TRASPORTI E MOBILITA | ENERGIA E AMBIENTE | EMMECIQUADRO | L'ASSAGGIO DI MASSOBRIO ENGLISH AUTORI | INTERVISTATI Home Arts & Media Culture Economics Education From the World Politics Science Welfare & Subsidiarity Politics & Society Tweet HHS MANDATE/ The true rights of women and men Lorenzo Albacete February Wed 15, 2012 President Obama and Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, behind the HHS mandate Related Articles HHS MANDATE/ Happy Valentine’s Day from the Catholic Church! CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ The Church's right to govern itself at stake CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ "Catholics for Sebelius," indeed CONSCIENCE PROTECTION/ Religious Freedom’s Contribution to the American Experience and Threats to its Survival read the Features The HHS Mandate debate After weeks of criticism, the Obama administration has proposed what it claims is an "accommodation" to U.S. Catholic bishops and other critics of a new federal rule that requires religiously affiliated hospitals, charities, and universities to provide their employees insurance with copay-free contraception. The new ruling would allow employers who object to contraception on religious grounds to usher employees into side deals with insurance companies, freeing religiously affiliated organizations from having to directly provide birth control coverage themselves. This "solution" would not only allow the Administration to insist that it is fulfilling its promise to provide "preventive health care" to all women, but it also gives time for the Bishops to deal with the problem that probably most American Catholics see nothing wrong about contraception, including, I suspect, a large number of priests. Will this accommodation satisfy the president's critics and end the controversy that has embarrassed both sides these last .......