The HHS Mandate and School Prayer


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ABSTRACTArticles: The HHS Mandate and School Prayer April 03, 2012 Home Archives RSS Syndication Merchandise Donations Contact About Search Login Rules/FAQ Archives Home --> Articles Email | Print | Comments |  Facebook |  Twitter | Share March 4, 2012 The HHS Mandate and School Prayer By Tom Trinko For the last 50 years liberals have informed us that merely requiring someone to be in the same public setting as a prayer is an unconstitutional infringement on their First Amendment rights. Even if individuals are not required to participate in the prayer, or even avoid mocking the prayer, and though there is no punishment for not praying liberals declare that the experience would be too odious for sensitive beings to endure. These same liberals however have no problem with requiring people of faith to not merely witness but to actually facilitate activities religious Americans find to be immoral. The Catholic Church, counting over a billion adherents worldwide, has taught for 2000 years that artificial contraception and abortion are intrinsically immoral. Yet liberals inform Catholic businesses that they must provide health insurance that covers artificial contraception, sterilization, and chemical abortions.  No tolerance there. Could you imagine the uproar if anyone suggested that students who object to school prayer would be required to produce the program for the prayer, put up the podium and chairs, and guide people to their seats prior to the prayer but they would be allowed to leave the room when the prayer was said? By requiring Catholic businesses to provide the insurance which is the vehicle for the services those businesses owners know to be immoral the Federal Government is preventing those individuals from freely exercising their religion. The so called "accommodation" does nothing to remove the Catholic businesses from having a direct role in facilitating, not merely witnessing, the immoral actions. One of the most obvious points is that many Catholic institutions are self insured and hence the so called "accommodation" does nothing to address the fundamental Constitutional issue. Another obvious point is that since insurance companies don't print money, something liberals may have forgotten, the cost of these services will be passed on to the premium payers, i.e. the Catholic businesses and their employees. Of course liberals tell us that providing free contraceptive services actually saves the greedy insurance companies money.  They are at a loss to explain why those profit mongering insurance companies need to be ordered by the Federal Government to improve their bottom line. A slightly less obvious point is that the employees at a Catholic company will use the exact same resources, in HR or on the Web, to kill their unborn child as to schedule a well check for their two year old. The clear perception will be that the Catholic business is the provider of the contraceptive and early abortion services. In fact the connection will be far stronger than any between a non-denominational moment of silence in school and the Federal Governments establishment of a State religion. Another less than obvious point is that there is nothing in the "reasoning" behind the HHS Mandate that would not apply to requiring Catholic business to provide insurance that covers any form of abortion, sex "change" operations, or whatever else Secretary Sebelius views as necessary on any given day.  It is quite reasonable to expect if President Obama is reelected that his administration, unconcerned about having to mollify the public in order to get their votes, will extend the mandate to surgical abortions. Similarly the reasoning here could be used to force a person of any faith to facilitate anything they objected to such as sex selection abortions, euthanasia, or involuntary sterilizations so long as Secretary Sebelius declared the procedure to be required. If Catholics were irresponsible they could just stop providing health insurance to their employees, but that too would be something that in many cases would violate their free exercise of religion. A good Catholic employer realizes her faith directs her to treat her employees as she wishes to be treated.  Hence if it is financially possible, a Catholic business owner will try to provide health care for her workers. Of course ObamaCare has removed the option of simply refusing to participate, because of the huge fines Catholic businesses would end up paying in return for the right to practice their faith by not subsidizing non-essential medical care in the form of contraception, sterilization, and chemical abortions. Clearly then the current HHS Mandate, even with the "accommodation", prevents Catholics from exercising their religious beliefs.  Another oddity in the liberal position on the HHS Mandate is that liberals have an extraordinarily expansive view of the free speech portion of the First Amendment. According to liberals the First Am.......