School prayer bill passes in Florida



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ABSTRACTSchool prayer bill passes in Florida - Houston elementary education | Examiner.com Skip to main content We think you're near Houston Currently in Houston Location: Houston Current temperature: 79° F: Current condition: Mostly Cloudy See Extended Forecast Examiner.com Log in Sign up Home & Life Family & Education Parenting Issues Single Parenting Stay-at-Home Parents Child Safety Toys, Games & Gear Charter Schools Private Schools Public Schools Higher Education Careers Jobs Unemployment Health & Fitness Men's Health Women's Health Children's Health Healthcare Holistic Health Nutrition Weight Loss & Dieting Yoga & Pilates Fitness & Exercise Household Gardening Green Living Sales & Deals Pets Dogs Cats Other Pets Pet Health More Become an examiner School prayer bill | March 6, 2012 School prayer bill passes in Florida Add a comment J. Harmon-Bragg Houston Elementary Education Examiner + Subscribe Facebook Tweet Reddit Print Email Facebook Tweet Reddit Print Email Local school districts in Florida would be able to vote to allow students to give an "inspirational message" at public school events. If Gov. Rick Scott signs the legislation it will become law. House Republicans and Democrats came together to vote to give students the freedom to particpate in student-led prayer in public schools. Supporters said that this bill could help restore order to classrooms and teach tolerance. Presently, many school districts are providing Character Education programs to students to battle increased violence, drug use and bullying. "Our students are inundated with sex, gambling and all of the moral decay that's on our televisions and radios," said Rep. Fred Costello,R-Ormond Beach. "It is time that we allow...students to bring inspirational messages to share with each other." In 1963, in Murray v Curlett, school prayer was removed from public schools . The National Council of Churches and several Jewish organizations favored Madalyn O Hair's case. ( Madalyn Murray O Hair- left wing atheist ) Advertisement According to the Orlando Sentinel , the vote ends several years of effort by Sen.Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, and Rep. Charles Van Zant, R-Keystone Heights. Opponents say the measure violates the separation of Church and state and plan to challenge it in court. Gov. Rick Scott speaks to media Credits:  Joe Raedle/Getty Images Related topics: School prayer bill Florida schools character education Gov. Ri.......