Washington archdiocese criticizes Georgetown over Sebelius invitation



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ABSTRACTWashington archdiocese criticizes Georgetown over Sebelius invitation : News Headlines - Catholic Culture Membership Login RSS Contact CatholicCulture Advanced Search News Commentary Liturgical Year Resource Center About Donate Shop Latest Headlines Week Month Top Ten On the Culture On the News In Depth Analysis The City Gates Insights Reviews Off the Record Top Ten Today Calendar Month Season Prayers, Activities, Recipes Library Site Reviews What You Need to Know Catholic Dictionary Catechism Church Fathers Most Collection Mission Leadership History Donor Information Boosters Rogues' Gallery Help/FAQ Site Map Tell a Friend! Advertise Your donation this month will be MATCHED by our Boosters group! $29,500 to go... Click here to advertise in this spot on CatholicCulture.org. Catholic World News Washington archdiocese criticizes Georgetown over Sebelius invitation CWN - May 16, 2012 From Our Store: The Documents of the Second Vatican Council: A Summary and Guide (eBook) The Archdiocese of Washington has issued a statement criticizing Georgetown University for selecting Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as the speaker at the commencement ceremony of its Public Policy Institute. The archdiocese’s statement follows the publication of an archdiocesan newspaper editorial critical of the invitation and the release of a statement by John DeGoia, the university’s president, in defense of the decision. “The Archdiocese of Washington reserved public comment to permit Georgetown University and its sponsor, the Society of Jesus, the opportunity to address the controversy,” the archdiocese said in its new statement. “While the explanation of how this unfortunate decision was made is appreciated, it does not address the real issue for concern – the selection of a featured speaker whose actions as a public official present the most direct challenge to religious liberty in recent history and the apparent lack of unity with and disregard for the bishops and so many others across the nation who are committed to the defense of freedom of religion.” “Contrary to what is indicated in the Georgetown University President’s statement, the fundamental issue with the HHS mandate is not about contraception,” the statement added. “As the United States Bishops have repeatedly pointed out, the issue is religious freedom. Secretary Sebelius’ mandate defines religious ministry so narrowly that our Catholic schools and universities, hospitals and social service ministries do not qualify as ‘religious enough’ to be exempt. This redefinition of religion penalizes Catholic organizations because they welcome and serve all people regardless of their faith.” The statement concluded: Given the dramatic impact this mandate will have on Georgetown .......