UK churches could be forced to perform same-sex marriages


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ABSTRACTThe Iona Institute | 14 Jun 12 UK churches could be forced to perform same-sex marriages The Iona Institute ~ for Religion and Society Press Press Press Press Press News Blog Press Links and Resources Donate media eLetter eLetter Links Share rss Most Recent General News Christians have a right to engage in politics says John Bruton Father’s love for child as least as important as a mother’s Minister Shatter reiterates no exemption for Seal of Confession UK churches could be forced to perform same-sex marriages Marriage under multiple threat Eucharistic Congress told More News Articles Most Recent Blog Items A politician brave enough to spell it out about the changing family Single motherhood “an economic catastrophe” It's "not acceptable" to shut down debate, Minister Why civil marriages are on the rise in Ireland Message to the College of Physicians: the safest sex is monogamous sex More Iona Blog Articles Iona Noticeboard A talk by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali May 9 Denominational schools in a pluralist Ireland Mar 15 Renewing the Church: A talk by George Weigel Dec 13 Marriage and the Common Good Oct 25 The New Anti-Catholicism: why it's fashionable, why it's gone too far September 29, 2011 More Iona Events Text size a | A Homepage News Articles list News on 14th June 2012 News UK churches could be forced to perform same-sex marriages Author: Admin Date: 14th June 2012 Churches in the UK could be forced to celebrate same-sex marriages, despite repeated promises by Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured) to exempt them. Both the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church have already voiced fears that the Government’s pledge would not withstand a challenge in Parliament or the courts. In its official response to the Government's proposals on same-sex marriage, the Church of England warned that churches may eventually be forced to conduct such ceremonies. In the document, “A Response to the Government Equalities Office Consultation -“Equal Civil Marriage”- from the Church of England” , it said: “It is unlikely to prove politically sustainable to prevent same sex weddings in places of worship given that civil partnerships can already be registered there where the relevant religious authority consents.   “And there have to be serious doubts whether the proffered legal protection for churches and faiths from discrimination claims would prove durable.” Meanwhile, Crispin Blunt, the prisons minister, said that Government plans for a blanket ban on religious groups from carrying out gay marriages could prove “problematic legally”. He added the promised exemption for religious groups may not survive even the initial Parliamentary process, the Daily Telegraph reports. In addition, Desmond Swayne, a senior aide to David Cameron said that churches which want to marry gay couples should be free to do so. The Home Office also confirmed that it was “listening to” some religious groups who have said that they would like to carry out same-sex weddings. The Catholic Church also published its formal response [LINK] to the Government consultation on same-sex marriage accusing the Government of ignoring democratic opposition to the proposals. In a 10-page submission, the Archbishop of Southwark, the Most Revd Peter Smith, says the Coalition has “no electoral mandate” to impose such as a “radical change” in social policy which would have unp.......