Evangelicals and Catholics Join Together to Defend Religious Freedom


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ABSTRACTEvangelicals and Catholics Join Together to Defend Religious Freedom | @ActonInstitute PowerBlog Home About Contact Subscribe Acton.org You currently have Javascript disabled Without Javascript enabled the PowerBlog lacks much of its standard functionality including the comment system. Please enable Javascript on this site. This notice will disappear when you enable Javascript. Evangelicals and Catholics Join Together to Defend Religious Freedom posted by Joe Carter on Monday, July 23, 2012   Email post Tweet In 1973, a pair of Supreme Court rulings helped convince many evangelicals and Catholics to align as co-belligerents in the struggle against abortion. In 2012, an executive branch mandate is having a similar effect, this time bringing the groups together to defend religious liberties. A new level of cooperation occurred last week when Wheaton College, a leading evangelical liberal arts school, joined with The Catholic University of America in filing a federal lawsuit opposing the Health and Human Services “Preventative Services” mandate. As the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty notes , “This alliance marks the first-ever partnership between Catholic and evangelical institutions to oppose the same regulation in the same court.” “This mandate is not just a Catholic issue—it threatens people of all faiths,” says Becket’s Kyle Duncan. “Wheaton’s historic decision to join the fight alongside a Catholic institution shows the broad consensus that the mandate endangers everyone’s religious liberty.” Several Christian leaders—including Chuck Colson, Richard Land, and Rick Warren—have previously called on evangelicals to stand with Catholics in civil disobedience to this law. Additionally, numerous evangelical academics and religious leaders signed a statement by the Beckett Fund explaining why the mandate is ” unacceptable .” Despite these efforts, too many of my fellow evangelicals still consider the mandate to be a “Catholic issue.” The engagement of Wheaton College and the school’s president, Dr. Philip Ryken, should help clear up that misperception. “We . . . believe that we have a stake in the success of Catholic institutions winning their religious freedom arguments,” Ryken told Christianity Today . “Even if [contraception] is not a universal point of conviction for Protestants the way that it is for Roman Catholics, we believe that Catholic institutions should have the freedom to carry out their mission without government coercion. That struggle for liberty is a struggle for our own liberty and, we would argue, a struggle for the liberty of all Americans.” Category: Christian Social Thought , Freedom of Conscience Related Tags:   Email post Tweet Pingback: Colson and Kuyper Together | @ActonInstitute PowerBlog joblooms Sometimes evangelicals must learn to read between the lines on issues regarding the faith. We here in the Philippines observe jurisprudence from your country so your victory is also our victory. God bless Older post Miss. State Senator Chris McDaniel on Self-Government & the Moral Order Newer post Colson and Kuyper Together Recen.......