DNC Opens with the Declaration ‘Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To’



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ABSTRACTDNC Opens with the Declaration ‘Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To’ (Updated with Romney Response) | RedState MONEY & INVESTING Eagle Daily Investor Mark Skousen Doug Fabian Nicholas Vardy Chris Versace HEALTH Newport Natural Health REGNERY BOOKS Regnery Books Little Patriot Press THE HUMAN EVENTS GROUP POWERFUL CONSERVATIVE VOICES  |  Wednesday, September 5, 2012 Login Register | Subscribe Contribute About Us TECH AT NIGHT TARGET RACES TobyToons FRONT PAGE WRITERS DIARIES COFFEE & MARKETS REDSTATE FRIENDS « BACK  |  PRINT RS FRONT PAGE CONTRIBUTOR DNC Opens with the Declaration ‘Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To’ (Updated with Romney Response) God is out of the platform, and Government is all we have left By: Jeff Emanuel ( Diary )  |  September 4th at 06:05 PM  |  RESIZE: A A A Tonight, the Democratic National Convention officially got under way – and the party of “You Didn’t Build That,” “We Made It Possible,” record food stamp enrollment, nationalized health care, and record deficits opened its gala with a video declaration that “Government is the only thing we all belong to.” It’s not our culture that binds us together, nor our nationality, our freedom, our values, or our fundamental status and rights as humans – it’s our government that is “the only thing we all belong to.” This isn’t surprising, of course – particularly given the Democrats’ removal from their official platform of references to “God” that had been there in years past. In any redistributive state, the government has to be the focal point of both public and private life. We saw it in Soviet Russia, and we’ve seen strains of it here in America – particularly with the recent Democratic pushback against the fact that inalienable human rights do (and must ) come from “God and nature,” rather than from government. That’s brazen. It’s not shocking, but it’s certainly eye-opening. Update : Mitt Romney responds via Twitter: We don’t belong to government, the government belongs to us. — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) September 4, 2012 Tags: DNC , socialism COMMENTS LOGIN TO COMMENT  |  REGISTER TODAY ADVERTISEMENT REDSTATE MEMBER DIARIES RECOMMENDED ALL #RSRH See New Mexico Center for Energy Policy Energy Expert Daniel Fine”Shale Gas Wars: From Pennsylvania By: shale_oil_man ( Diary )   The Public Stoning of Akin…A Foolish Strategy By: westcoastpatriette ( Diary )   “Mischief” Idea for Charlotte—do they have electronic billboards there? By: smagar ( Diary )   Cockstradamus: Akin, pigskins, and a Ramblin’ Wreck for Dems after next tea party By: Mike gamecock DeVine ( Diary )   Please withdraw, Mr. Akin By: Caiwyn ( Diary )   How D.C. Dems hurt government employees and why Paul Ryan is no threat By: Mike gamecock DeVine ( Diary )   Am I Racist? By: pff23ro ( Diary )   The Smallest of Men? By: ntrepid ( Diary )   ?My Struggle? Circa 2007 ? When Amateurs Spoke By: ntrepid ( Diary )   Romney on Obama: Liar, indifferent to economic suffering, divisive and hateful By: Mike gamecock DeVine ( Diary )   The Wyden-Ryan Plan, Statesmanship, and the Politics of Medicare By: Dan Hellman ( Diary )   Memo to McCain-Palin: Does Biden employ a hooded Muslim Sister? By: Mike gamecock DeVine ( Diary )   D.C. Democrats are no friend of the poor and middle class By: Mike gamecock DeVine ( Diary )   Romney’s Ryan Pick is an Acknowledgement of Republican Strength, Not Weakness By: savejersey ( Diary )   Looking for some good resources to defend Ryan’s Medicare plan By: smagar ( Diary )   (RE)CONFIRMED: Christie Will Deliver GOP Convention Keynote By: savejersey ( Diary )   The Top 5 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Could Still Pick Chris Christie By: savejersey ( Diary )   By: Javier Manjarres ( Diary )   Team Obama Asks New Jerseyans for Dirt on Christie By: savejersey ( Diary )   Book Jackie Mason for the Convention By: ashland_avenue ( Diary )   The Hatch Rule By: Brookhaven ( Diary )   FRONT PAGE – Liberal Logic: Voter Fraud is Okay, But NOT Voting Soldiers! By: savejersey ( Diary )   Don’t Step in the “Kiss In” Trap Friday By: Brookhaven ( Diary )   Chick-Fil-A as Bulletin Board Material By: Brookhaven ( Diary )   TSPLOST Alarm Bell for GOP By: Brookhaven ( Diary )   Hillsdale’s Free Constitution Course Still Available By: westcoastpatriette ( Diary )   Suggestions for the Romney economic plan By: ashland_avenue ( Diary )   DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Getting Booted-(Karen Harrington) By: Javier Manjarres ( Diary )   I lost my innocence at RedState…will I ever get it back? [Up.......