Pope Francis Urges Ireland and Britain to Value Every Human Life


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ABSTRACTPope Francis Urges Ireland and Britain to Value Every Human Life | Daily News | NCRegister.com Print Edition:  July 14, 2013 Sign-up for our E-letter!   Donate Archives Blogs Store Resources Advertise Jobs Radio Subscribe Make This My Homepage Resources Arts & Entertainment Books Commentary Culture of Life Education In Person News Opinion Sunday Guides Travel Vatican Dan Burke Jeanette DeMelo Edward Pentin Mark Shea Matthew Warner Jimmy Akin Matt & Pat Archbold Simcha Fisher Tito Edwards Jennifer Fulwiler Steven D. Greydanus Tom Wehner Our Latest Show About the Show About the Register Donate Subscribe Stations Schedule Other EWTN Shows Advertising Overview Editorial Calendar Order Web Ad Order Print Ad Print Article | Email Article | Write To Us Daily News Daily News Pope Francis Urges Ireland and Britain to Value Every Human Life (584) Papal Day of Life message was released shortly after the Irish Parliament’s lower house approved a bill liberalizing abortion access. Tweet by CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY 07/17/2013 Comment Model of an unborn child displayed in a teacher's hand. – dayforlife.org VATICAN CITY — Ahead of Day for Life Sunday in Britain and Ireland, Pope Francis has sent a message to British and Irish Catholics encouraging them to promote the profound value of all human life in their societies. “Calling to mind the teaching of St. Irenaeus, that the glory of God is seen in a living human being, the Holy Father encourages all of you to let the light of that glory shine so brightly that everyone may come to recognize the inestimable value of all human life,” he said in his July 17 message. “Even the weakest and most vulnerable, the sick, the old, the unborn and the poor, are masterpieces of God’s creation, made in his own image, destined to live for ever and deserving of the utmost reverence and respect.” The message from the Bishop of Rome was sent days before the Day for Life will be celebrated in England, Wales and Scotland on July 28. Ireland observes the special Sunday on Oct. 6. The timing of the message comes as Ireland advances towards liberalizing access to abortion. On July 12, the Dáil, Ireland’s lower house of Parliament, approved a bill allowing abortions which would save a woman’s life, including when the mother threatens to commit suicide. The bill still needs the approval of the upper legislative body, the Seanad. In this message, Pope Francis underscored the need to care for life from conception to natural end. “His Holiness prays that the Day for Life will help to ensure that human life always receives the protection that is its due, so that ‘everything that breathes may praise the Lord.’” Observing Day for Life Sunday, parishes in England and Wales collect proceeds during the day to support the work of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and other life-related activities supported by the Church. The day’s theme this year will be “Care for life: It’s worth it,” taken from a homily preached by Pope Francis when he was the cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires at a 2005 Mass in honor of St. Raymond Nonnatus , the patron of pregnant mothers. “All of us must care for life, cherish life, with tenderness, warmth,” he had preached. “To give life is to open our heart, and to care for life is to give oneself in tenderness and warmth for others, to have concern in my heart for others.” During the Mass, Cardinal Bergoglio emphasized that “caring for life from the beginning to the end” is “a simple and beautiful thing. Go f.......