Cardinal Dolan's Letter to Bishops Regarding Contraception Mandate


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ABSTRACTCardinal Dolan's Letter to Bishops Regarding Contraception Mandate | ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome Home About ZENIT The Agency Audience FAQ - Organization Services Copyright legal status Email Facebook Twitter Youtube RSS SUPPORT US NEWSLETTER Edition English Español Français Deutsch Italiano Português العربية Sign in Sign up The world seen from Rome Search Tweet News Headlines Sections News Interviews Life Watch Liturgy Rome Notes ... Columns Arts and Culture Benedict XVI Bioethics Ecumenism Faith and Reason ... Documents Benedict XVI's Documents Holy See Documents Cardinals' Documents Bishops' Documents Episcopal Conf. Docs. Various Documents The Pope Pope Francis Angelus / Regina Coeli General Audience Editorial ZENIT writers Kathleen Naab Father John Flynn, LC Junno Arocho Esteves Tools Sign up Subscribe Give ZENIT as a gift Profile Advertising Mailings Banners Contact General Contact us Write the editors Republishing permission Ideas Testimonies Advertising Technical help Donate A- A A+ Cardinal Dolan's Letter to Bishops Regarding Contraception Mandate "it is plain that the HHS Mandate lessens the ability of our ministries to give full-throated witness to our faith, a central mission of all Catholic apostolates" Tweet Send Washington, D.C., September 18, 2013 ( Zenit.org ) | 702 hits Here is the text of a letter sent Tuesday by Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of the US bishops' conference, to the bishops of the nation regarding the HHS mandate. The mandate requires employers to cover sterilization, abortifacients, and contraception in their health insurance plans. It is being contested in courts around the nation, both by relgious groups and non-profits, and for-profits who see the mandate as a violation of conscience rights. * * * September 17, 2013 Year of Faith My brother bishops, I write at the request of our brother bishops on the USCCB Administrative Committee, who asked me to update you, as I have now grown accustomed to doing, on the tough and delicate matter of the HHS Mandate, and our ongoing response to it. You won’t be surprised to hear that, at our meeting last week, we spent a great deal of time focused on this matter of major concern to us all. I have to tell you first that we took the occasion to vent. The Catholic Church in America has long been a leader in providing affordable health care, and in advocating for policies that advance that goal. The bishops on a national level have been at it for almost one hundred years, and our heroic women and men religious have done so even longer. Yet, instead of spending our time, energy, and treasure on increasing access to health care, as we have done for many decades, we’re now forced to spend those resources on determining how to respond to recently enacted government regulations that restrict and burden our religious freedom. Catholics – our parents and grandparents, religious sisters, brothers and priests – were among the first at the table to advance and provide health care, and now we are being burdened because of the same Catholic values that compel us into these ministries! All this in a country that puts religious liberty first on the list of its most cherished freedoms. As I’ve said before, this is a fight that we didn't ask for, and would rather not be in, but it’s certainly one that we won’t run from. It might be helpful if we keep in mind our recent history on the HHS mandate and our efforts regarding it. Last February 1, the Administration announced its updated “accommodation.” We immediately said that we needed time to analyze it, but that our initial read indicated that, regrettably, not much had changed, and our objections remained. Nonetheless, we took the administration at its word when it said it would consider our concerns, and after a detailed analysis, our Conference again submitted extensive comments, as invited to do by HHS. On June 28, we got our answer: despite our grav.......