Another Victory Against HHS Mandate “Accommodation”


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ABSTRACTAnother Victory Against HHS Mandate “Accommodation” | National Review Online Google+ December 16 Issue Subscribe Print Subscribe Digital Gift: NR Print Gift: NR / Digital Issue   |   Subscribe   |   Renew NRO Header Navigation Home The Corner The Agenda The Campaign Spot Home Front Right Field Bench Memos Media Blog Feed Planet Gore Events Audio, Video & Galleries The Latest Three Martini Lunch Uncommon Knowledge Between the Covers Ricochet Firing Line Slideshows Kudlow Pryce-Jones Exchequer Phi Beta Cons Critical Condition Human Exceptionalism Tweet Tracker Log In Register Secondary NRO Navigation Articles Authors RSS Store Donate Media Kit Subscription Help Contact Close To: Your Email: Your Name: Subject: Bench Memos NRO’s home for judicial news and analysis. About Archive E-Mail RSS Another Victory Against HHS Mandate “Accommodation” By Ed Whelan December 16, 2013 2:34 PM Print Text   In a carefully reasoned opinion issued today, federal district judge Brian M. Cogan of the Eastern District of New York ruled that various Catholic nonprofit institutions that were the supposed beneficiaries of the Obama administration’s phony accommodation on the HHS contraception mandate are entitled to permanent injunctive relief against enforcement of the HHS mandate. (The case is styled Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York v. Sebelius .) This is the second merits ruling holding that the accommodation doesn’t satisfy the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. No court, so far as I’m aware, has ruled the other way. As I noted a few weeks ago in discussing the first such ruling , the initial wave of merits rulings on the HHS mandate came in cases brought by owners of closely held, for-profit companies—the class of plaintiffs that.......