This film destroys the negative propaganda about Down syndrome in just two minutes


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ABSTRACT This film destroys the negative propaganda about Down syndrome in just two minutes | CatholicHerald.co.uk Fri 21st Mar 2014 | Last updated: Fri 21st Mar 2014 at 14:26pm Home Latest News Features Comment & Blogs Multimedia Catholic Life Spiritual Life Saint of the week The week ahead The word this week Archive Jobs Advertising Subscribe Hot Topics Pope Francis Pope Benedict XVI Papal Visit 2010 general audience Archbishop Vincent Nichols Comment & Blogs This film destroys the negative propaganda about Down syndrome in just two minutes The viral video ‘Dear Future Mom’ is a rare, life-enhancing contribution to the debate about disability By Francis Phillips on Friday, 21 March 2014 In This Article Centre for Reproductive Rights , Dear Future Mom , Down Syndrome , Leticia Velasquez , North Dakota , World Down Syndrome Day Share Share | About the author Francis Phillips Francis Phillips reviews books for the Catholic Herald. Contact the author Related Posts Nine out of 10 unborn children found to have Down’s syndrome are aborted. The price of this tragedy is high Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/02/12 Expect an announcement on the consistory this week Chilean archbishop hopeful Pope Francis will visit South America in 2015 How many RE teachers actually care about the faith of their pupils? I’d like to know Zemanta A mother and daughter from the video 'Dear Future Mom' Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Of all the random causes and titles that are designated a “World Day” this must be one of the most hopeful. Why? Because in spite of all the medical tests and laws designed to make it easy to detect and then abort babies discovered to have the syndrome, someone somewhere has come up with the idea that having Down’s can be a cause for celebration rather than disaster. A friend, Leticia Velasquez, who has a daughter with this syndrome as I do, (and who has compiled an inspiring anthology of mothers’ responses to having a child with a disability in their family, A Special Mother is Born) sent me the link to a beautiful YouTube presentation, “Dear Future Mom” , designed to give the message that life can be joyful and worth living to a mother who has learnt she is expecting a child with Down syndrome. In it 15 young people from around the world who have the syndrome provide their own unique and persuasive message of reassurance and confidence. I recommend everyone to watch it, whether you have a personal connection to the YouTube video’s message or not. This is the point of the film and of the Day chosen for this subject: that if you have a disability you are not less of a human being than others who are considered “normal”. You have the same wish to be loved and cared for, to be treated as an individual and to be encouraged to discover your own special talents, as everyone else. You are not a reason for gloom, or the medical and eugenicist sense of defeat that leads to abortion. So often peoples’ fears, whether it is the prospect of a disabled baby or the dread of infirmity in old age or sickness, are aggravated by those around them, telling them they would better off dead or by banishing the problem from sight. This has to be seen as a counsel of despair. The YouTube film shows such negative propaganda for the lie that it is and the person who came up with the idea of World Down Syndrome Day should be applauded for such a positive and life-enhancing idea. Mind you, in the film one of the children does say that life, for a mother of a child with a learning disability “will be difficult” – but then goes on to point out that being a mother at all can.......