Francis on Iraq: It’s up to the UN to decide how the aggressor will be stopped


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ABSTRACTFrancis on Iraq: It’s up to the UN to decide how the aggressor will be stopped - Vatican Insider LANGUAGE:    Italiano   English      Español www.vaticaninsider.com The Pope’s speeches  :: Wednesday 20 August 2014 ::  Home ::  News ::  World News ::  Inquiries and Interviews The Vatican ::  Agenda ::  About us ::  libri 08/18/2014  Francis on Iraq: It’s up to the UN to decide how the aggressor will be stopped Tweet Francis on the papal flight from Korea to Rome In his interview with journalists on board the flight from Seoul to Rome, Francis spoke of ISIS’ violence: “It is right to stop an unjust aggressor. When I say “stop” I do not mean launch bombs and go to war...It is the UN that needs to work out how to intervene.” Francis wanted to visit the conflict zone and said he is ready for a trip to China. He confirmed his visit to the US and to the offices of the United Nations Andrea Tornielli on the flight from Seoul to Rome The plight of religious minorities who are forced to leave Iraq, ISIS’ violence, the US bombings. The Gaza war straight after the prayer for peace. The Holy See’s relations with China, Francis’ upcoming visits, his new encyclical and the holidays the Pope spent at home. This is what Francis talked about on the flight back to Rome, answering fifteen questions put to him by the journalists travelling with him.   On ISIS’ aggression against Christian minorities in Iraq and the bombs dropped by the US “In cases where there is unjust aggression, all I can say is that it is right to “stop” an unjust aggressor. I must emphasise the verb “stop”, by this I do not mean dropping bombs and declaring war, but stopping it. Careful consideration needs to go into how it is stopped. Stopping an unjust aggressor is right. But we must bear in mind how many times the excuse of stopping an unjust aggressor has been used by powers to take control of populations and gone to war in order to conquer. One nation alone cannot judge how an unjust aggressor should be stopped. After World War Two, the idea of the United Nations came about; this is where discussion needs to take place, asking: is this an unjust aggressor? It seems so, so how do we stop him? Nothing more than this. Secondly there are the minorities. Thank you for using this term. Because people talk to me about Christians, about the suffering, about martyrs. And yes, there are many martyrs. But here there are men and women, religious minorities; not all of them are Christians but all of them are equal in God’s eyes. Stopping the unjust aggressor is humanity’s right but it is also the aggressor’s right to be stopped so he does not cause any harm.”   On the possibility of visiting the Iraq war zone “I am prepared to go to Iraq and I believe I can say this: when my collaborators and I learnt about the current situation religious minorities are faced with and the problem Kurdistan was facing at the time, unable as it was to shelter so many people, many thoughts went through our head. First of all we wrote the statement Fr. Lombardi  published. This statement was then sent to all Nunciatures so it could be sent on to governments. Then we wrote to the General Secretary fo the United Nations and decided to send a personal envoy th.......