4 out of 10 countries limit religious freedom


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ABSTRACT4 out of 10 countries limit religious freedom - Vatican Insider LANGUAGE:    Italiano   English      Español www.vaticaninsider.com The Pope’s speeches  :: Tuesday 04 November 2014 ::  Home ::  News World News ::  Inquiries and Interviews ::  The Vatican ::  Agenda ::  About us ::  libri 11/ 3/2014  4 out of 10 countries limit religious freedom Tweet (©LaPresse) (©LaPresse) Displaced Christians in Iraq Aid to the Church in Need’s Religious Freedom in the World Report – 2014 shows a steep decline. Most of the countries where serious violations are witnessed, are Muslim. Christians are still the most persecuted. Domenico Agasso jr Rome In the 61 out of 196 countries where change was witnessed, this has almost always been for the worst: the situation has improved in six countries and worsened in 55. A sharp decline emerges in the Religious Freedom in the World Report – 2014 published by Aid to the Church in Need. This is the 12th edition of the report which began to be published in 1999 and analyses the degree to which religious freedom is respected across 196 countries.   Violence committed in the name of religion continues to dominate the international media scene, according to the 2014 Report presented this morning in Rome. There is a strong sense that religious terrorism is not only widespread but is actually rising steeply and the latest report sadly confirms this. The condition of religious minorities is worsening in almost every single country. Sometimes, situations are worsened by legal or constitutional discrimination or by religious hostility that is often linked to ethnic or tribal tensions. In other cases religious groups oppress or attempt to eliminate other groups or there is an authoritarian state that tries to limit the activities of a specific religious group.   Changes were recorded in 61 out of the 196 countries analysed. However, an improvement in the situation of religious minorities was only witnessed in six of these, while in 55 countries the situation has worsened. This means that in almost 30% of the countries examined between October 2012 and June 2014, things are looking bleaker for religious groups.   The report found that the degree to which religious freedom was violated in 26 countries was medium or high. But no changes were witnessed in these countries over the past two years. Take these 26 countries and add the 55 others where the situation has worsened and what you see is that religious freedom is restricted or declining in just over 40% countries (81 out of 196).   The degree of religious freedom violations is medium to high in 56 countries, that is a little over 30% of the total. This is regardless of whether the situation has improved, worsened or remained unchanged in the period examined.   There are 20 countries where there is a high degree of religious freedom violation, in other words there is no such freedom. There include the 14 countries where religious persecution is linked to Islamic extremism: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Maldives, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Central Africa, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen; six countries where persecution is carried out by authoritarian regimes: Azerbaijan, Myanmar, China, North Korea and Uzbekistan. T.......