Birth control, 'ideological colonization' are topics as Pope speaks with reporters



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ABSTRACTBirth control, 'ideological colonization' are topics as Pope speaks with reporters : News Headlines - Catholic Culture Subscribe Log in CatholicCulture Advanced Search News Commentary Liturgical Year Resource Center About Donate Shop Latest Headlines Most Important Most Popular This Week This Month Archives About CWN On the Culture On the News In Depth Analysis The City Gates Insights Reviews On the Good Most Popular Archives Today Blog January Calendar January Overview Ordinary Time Overview Prayers Activities Recipes Library Website Reviews What You Need to Know Catholic Dictionary Catechism Church Fathers Most Collection Mission Leadership History Donor Information Boosters Rogues' Gallery Help/FAQ Advertise Contact Click here to advertise on CatholicCulture.org Birth control, 'ideological colonization' are topics as Pope speaks with reporters Catholic World News - January 19, 2015 Free eBook: Liturgical Year 2014-2015, Vol. 2 Pope Francis spoke about birth control, responsible parenthood, and “ideological colonization” during an exchange with reporters as he flew from the Philippines to Rome on January 19. The Pope also confirmed that he will visit the cities of New York and Washington, as well as Philadelphia, during a September trip to the US. [See today’s separate CWN headline story ] Responding to two different questions about his support for Humanae Vitae and its condemnation of contraception, the Pope lamented the “neo-Malthusian” ideology that prevails in much of the world today. He pointed to the birth rates in Italy and Spain, lagging below 1%, and decried “that neo-Malthusianism that seeks to control humanity on behalf of the powers that be.” The Pope went on to say that refraining from the use of contraception does not mean that “Catholics have to be like rabbits.” He recalled that he had once rebuked a woman who was pregnant for the 8th time, after having had seven difficult births. “But do you want to leave seven orphans?” he asked. Referring to the possibility of natural family planning, he said: “Each person, with his pastor, seeks how to do that: responsible parenthood.” At the same time, he reminded the listening reporters, “for most poor people, a child is a treasure.” Responding to a question about his criticism of “ideological colonization,” the Pope said that he was referring to organizations that promote their own agendas in impoverished countries, offering “certain loans with certain conditions.” Mentioning one case in which funds for education were tied to adoption of a text promoting gender theory. “They enter with an idea that has nothing to do with the people,” he said, adding that every society has the right to protect its own culture. The Pope encouraged reporters to read Robert Hugh Benson’s book, Lord of the World , promising that those who read it “will understand what I mean by ideological colonization.” During the interview the Pope also responded to criticism of his earlier statements on the Charlie Hebdo killings. He stressed that a violent reaction to an insult is morally wr.......