Supreme Court Stops Government Mandate for Fifth Time in a Row


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ABSTRACTSupreme Court Stops Government Mandate for Fifth Time in a Row - The Becket Fund FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY “The Becket Fund is a powerhouse law firm” Mobile menu Becket Team Our Mission Our Staff Top Ten Victories in Becket Fund History Our History The Canterbury Medal Dinner Board of Directors Our Cases U.S. Litigation Supreme Court Briefs Resources Legal Publications Stanford Religious Liberty Clinic Oxford Price Media Law Moot Competition Blog Press & Videos Members of the Media Press Releases Videos Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Media Inquiries Employment Internships Directions and Parking Support Us Make a Donation Today Purchase Annual Dinner Tickets Search The Becket Fund GALA 2015 PURCHASE TICKETS HHS Info Central Top Ten Becket Victories Stay Informed Sign Up Now Becket Fund in the News April 17, 2015 OneNewsNow Becket wins, again, to keep Pledge in classrooms "Now we have a precedent in New Jersey that the Pledge of Allegiance is protected," Verm said... More Christian Science Monitor Gay rights and religious liberty: Can Americans have both? "RFRA has always protected religious minority groups,” says Eric Rassbach, at the Becket Fund... More Modern Healthcare Alito steps into ACA contraception case “How many times must the government lose before it gets the message?” said Lori Windham... More April 16, 2015 The Daily Caller Teenage Girl Takes Down Atheist Group In New Jersey On Fight Over Pledge Of Allegiance “The AHA’s challenge turned out to be all bark and no bite,” said Becket Fund attorney Diana Verm... More Wall Street Journal The Next Religious Freedom Fights Becket Fund Executive Director Kristina Arriaga on upcoming religious freedom legislation... More Next More Twitter Facebook Youtube Supreme Court Stops Government Mandate for Fifth Time in a Row Ruling protects Pennsylvania Catholic Charities; nuns may be next For Immediate Release: April 16, 2015 Media Contact: Melinda Skea, mskea@becketfund.org , 202-349-7224 Washington, D.C. – For the fifth time in a row, the Supreme Court has stopped the federal government’s contraceptive mandate. In an order issued last night, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito prevented the federal government from enforcing its contraceptive mandate against a range of Pennsylvania-based religious organizations including Catholic Charities and other Catholic schools and social service organizations connected with the Diocese of Erie and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The Supreme Court has previously protected the Little Sisters of the Poor , Hobby Lobby , Wheaton College , and the University of Notre Dame . Justice Alito’s order is similar to the preliminary order Justice Sotomayor provided to the Little Sisters of the Poor on New Year’s Eve in 2013. The order requires the government to brief the Supreme Court next week on why it should be allowed to fine these organizations for refusing to distribute abortion-inducing drugs and devices and other contraceptives. Lori Windham, Senior Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty (which represents the Little Sisters of the Poor and several other clients challenging the mandate) issued the following statement: How many times must the government lose in court before it gets the message? For years now the government has been claiming that places like Catholic Chari.......