Muslim chooses to die alongside Christians


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ABSTRACTMuslim chooses to die alongside Christians - Vatican Insider LANGUAGE:    Italiano   English      Español www.vaticaninsider.com  :: Thursday 23 April 2015 ::  Home ::  News World News ::  Inquiries and Interviews ::  The Vatican ::  Agenda ::  About us ::  libri 04/23/2015  Muslim chooses to die alongside Christians Tweet JAMAL RAHMAN IN THE ISIS VIDEO (PHOTOGRAPH BY MISSIONLINE) Among the Ethiopians killed in Libya by IS was Jamal Rahman: he offered to be taken hostage so as not to abandon a friend. The story is reported by PIME Domenico Agasso jr Rome   He was among the 28 Ethiopians killed (by decapitation) by Isis in Libya and shown in the latest terror video by Al Furqan, the caliphate’s propaganda machine. Jamal Rahman, a migrant, was not spared, despite belonging to a Muslim family. Why? He offered himself as a hostage because he would not leave his Christian friend to die alone. The story is reported by Giorgio Bernardelli on MissionLine, the magazine of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME). To confirm the reports, “the unlikeliest of sources: a militant of the Shabab, the Islamic fundamentalists of Somalia”.   There are two different explanations for what happened: one reported by “an online newspaper of Somaliland”, maintains its “strangeness” saying that “he converted to Christianity on the road”; the alternative explanation, which PIME regards as “much more plausible, states that amidst the jihadists, the Muslim Jamal “foolishly” and willingly offered himself as a hostage to the jihadists, out of solidarity for a Christian friend he was travelling with. Perhaps he believed the presence of a Muslim in the.......