President Obama pays tribute to religious liberty



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ABSTRACTPresident Obama pays tribute to religious liberty : News Headlines - Catholic Culture Subscribe Log in CatholicCulture Advanced Search News Commentary Liturgical Year Resource Center About Donate eBooks Latest Headlines Most Important Most Popular This Week This Month Archives About CWN On the Culture On the News In Depth Analysis The City Gates Insights Reviews On the Good Most Popular Archives Today Blog May Calendar May Overview Easter Overview Prayers Activities Recipes Library Website Reviews What You Need to Know Catholic Dictionary Catechism Church Fathers Most Collection Mission Leadership History Donor Information Boosters Rogues' Gallery Help/FAQ Advertise Contact We'll receive a $25,000 grant if others match it by Pentecost. $17,278 to go. Your gift will be doubled! Click here to advertise on CatholicCulture.org President Obama pays tribute to religious liberty Catholic World News - May 08, 2015 President Barack Obama condemned religious persecution and lauded religious freedom in his proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, which took place on May 7. “When women and men of all backgrounds and beliefs are free to practice their faiths without fear or coercion, it bolsters our religious communities and helps to lift up diverse and vibrant societies throughout our world,” he wrote. “In America, our Nation is stronger because we welcome and respect people of all faiths, and because we protect the fundamental right of all peoples to practice their faith how they choose, to change their faith, or to practice no faith at all, and to do so free from persecution and discrimination.” “Today, as we pause in solemn reflection, we celebrate the religious liberty we cherish here at home, and we recommit to standing up for religious freedom around the world,” he continued, adding: Millions of individuals worldwide are subjected to discrimination, abuse, and sanctioned violence simply for exercising their religion or choosing not to claim a faith. Communities are threatened with genocide and driven from their homelands because of who they are or how they pray. The United States will continue to stand against these reprehensible attacks, work to end them, and protect religious freedom throughout the world. And we remember those who are prisoners of conscience -- who are held unjustly because of their faiths or beliefs -- and we will take every action within our power to secure their release. Additional sources.......