Francis: There is food for everyone, God will judge the earth’s powerful


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ABSTRACTFrancis: There is food for everyone, God will judge the earth’s powerful - Vatican Insider LANGUAGE:    Italiano   English      Español www.vaticaninsider.com  :: Thursday 14 May 2015 ::  Home ::  News ::  World News ::  Inquiries and Interviews The Vatican ::  Agenda ::  About us ::  libri 05/12/2015  Francis: There is food for everyone, God will judge the earth’s powerful Tweet (©Ap) (©Ap) Pope Francis This afternoon the Pope celebrated a mass to mark the opening of the Caritas Internationalis Assembly, not merely a humanitarian organization. And he appealed once again for Christians who have been chased from their homes and churches Iacopo Scaramuzzi vatican city “One day” God will call “judge” the “powerful of this earth”, revealing “whether they really tried to provide Him with food through each and every person and whether they have taken action to prevent the environment from being destroyed.” These were the words Pope Francis used to open the 20 th Caritas Internationalis Assembly, in a mass he celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica this afternoon. The Assembly will run from 12 to 17 May and is titled “One Human Family, Food for All”. The Pope emphasized that Caritas is “not just a humanitarian organization”, nor do its headquarters “head” local Caritas’s; rather, it reveals “the desire of the Church to meet Jesus in each and every person, especially when these people are poor and suffering”. Today, Francis renewed his appeal for the world not to forget its Christian brothers and sisters who “have been chased from their homes and churches which have sometimes been destroyed”.   Caritas, the Pope said, “is a big Confederation renowned throughout the world for its work. Caritas represents the Church in many parts of the world and needs to spread even further in all the various parishes and communities in order to repeat what happened in the early days of the Church. Indeed, embracing God and others simply and obediently is at the very heart of your service. This is the root of what you do. If this root is removed, Caritas dies.   This embrace is takes place within you so that you may go into the world and serve in the name of Christ, whom you have met and whom you meet in each and every brother and sister you approach. And it is precisely for this reason that you are avoid merely becoming a humanitarian organization. The Caritas of each local Church is the same, there are no big or small Caritas’, all of them are equal,” Francis added. “We ask the Lord that we may take this on board and discard the idea that organised centralism is the way forward. We ask him for the grace of understanding that Caritas is always in the peripheries, in each of the local Churches, for the grace of understanding that the central Caritas branch is simply service, an experience of communion and that it is not the boss. Those who experience the Caritas mission are not merely operators, but witnesses of Christ. People who seek Christ and allow themselves to be sought by Christ; they are people who love with the spirit of Christ, the spirit of gratuity, of giving. All our strategic planning is empty if we do not carry this love within us. Not our love, His love. O better still, our love, purified and strengthened by His love. This makes it possible to serve everyone and lay the table for everyone. This is another beautiful image.......