Pope Condemns ‘Atrocious, Inhumane and Inexplicable Persecution’ of Christians


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ABSTRACTPope Condemns ‘Atrocious, Inhumane and Inexplicable Persecution’ of Christians | Daily News | NCRegister.com Print Edition:  July 26, 2015 Sign-up for our E-letter!   Donate News Blogs Radio Events Resources Advertise Store Subscriptions Make This My Homepage Resources Archives Jobs College Guide Arts & Entertainment Books Commentary Culture of Life Education In Person News Opinion Sunday Guides Travel Vatican Dan Burke Jeanette DeMelo Edward Pentin Mark Shea Matthew Warner Jimmy Akin Matthew Archbold Joan Frawley Desmond Simcha Fisher Tito Edwards Jennifer Fulwiler Steven D. Greydanus Tom Wehner Our Latest Show About the Show About the Register Donate Subscribe Stations Schedule Other EWTN Shows Advertising Overview Policies & Guidelines Digital Ad Specs Print Ad Specs Editorial Calendar & Due Dates Order Web Ad Subscribe Discounted Bulk Subscriptions Give a Gift Subscription Renew Your Subscription Renew Your Gift Subscription Change of Address Missed Issues Payments Account Status General Customer Service Print Article | Email Article | Write To Us Daily News Daily News Pope Condemns ‘Atrocious, Inhumane and Inexplicable Persecution’ of Christians (1875) In a letter marking the first anniversary of the arrival of Iraqi refugees in Jordan, the Holy Father appealed for a Church ‘that doesn't forget or abandon her children, exiled for their faith.’ Tweet by ELISE HARRIS/CNA/EWTN NEWS 08/06/2015 Comments (5) A young child at the Sharia Refugee Camp in Dohuk Iraq. – Daniel Ibanez/CNA VATICAN CITY — On the first anniversary of the arrival of Iraqi refugees in Jordan, Pope Francis sent a letter thanking the country for welcoming thousands forced to flee their homes, and urged the international community not to remain indifferent. “Many times I have wanted to give voice to the atrocious, inhumane and inexplicable persecution of those who in many parts of the world — and especially among Christians — are victims of fanaticism and intolerance, often under the eyes and silence of all,” the Pope said in his Aug. 6 letter. “They are the martyrs of today, humiliated and discriminated against because of their fidelity to the Gospel.” Addressed to Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem and to Bishop Maroun Lahham, the patriarchal vicar for Jordan, the letter was sent on the occasion of the first anniversary of the arrival of Iraqi refugees in Jordan Aug. 8, 2014. With ISIS forces beginning a major offensive in June 2014, more than 2.5 million refugees — many of them Christian — fled from Mosul and the Nineveh Plan, either to neighboring countries or to Erbil and other cities in the Kurdish area. In recognition of the anniversary the president of the Italian bishops’ conference, Bishop Nunzio Galantino, will visit Jordan Aug. 6-7 and participate in various meetings and events. Among them will be several visits refugee centers, the Vatican announced Aug. 6. Pope Francis marked the bishop’s trip as an occasion to renew his appeal for solidarity and for a Church “that doesn't forget or abandon her children, exiled for their faith.” The Pope voiced his gratitude to Jordan and the many other countries for refusing to look the other way when refugees began to arrive. “You announce the resurrection of Christ with the sharing of their pain and the fraternal help which provides aid to the hundreds of thousands of refugees; with your stooping down into their suffering, which risks suffocating hope; with your fraternal service, which also risks many dark moments of existence,” he told them. On the other hand, Francis stressed that “public opinion” can always be more attentive and quick to participate in helping to end the global persecution of Christians and other religious minorities. He renewed his frequently repeated appeal for the international community “not remain mute and inactive in front of such unacceptable crimes.” Such crimes, he said, evoke an alarming concern for the most essential human rights and impede the richness of peaceful cohabitation among peoples, cultures and different faith practices. Filed under catholic news agency , middle east christians , pope francis View Comments Comments Join the Discussion Posted by J.R. Hochstedt on Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 9:48 PM (EDT):   The very concept of “free markets” is atheist & Marxism is the child of atheist capitalism. Only political illiterate under tutelage of the decadent conservatism of the US, unfamiliar with the real conservatism of those who uphold traditional society, hold this gospel of the “free market” trash. Do wish people would read the Agrarians & Russell Kirk & those old Marxists Chesterton & Belloc & not the changeling put in their place by financiers. Posted by Eric of Manchester on Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 4:57 PM (EDT): It.......