Hong Kong, Christians protest against demolition of crosses


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ABSTRACTHong Kong, Christians protest against demolition of crosses AsiaNews.it Hong Kong, Christians protest against demolition of crosses Led by Card. Joseph Zen, dozens of Christians of all denominations protested to ask Beijing to stop the destruction of Christian religious symbols. The retired bishop of the territory: "We have less freedom here too, it is our moral duty to denounce this".  Xi Jinping meets religions: "You have to obey the Party, and Communist officials must be atheists and Marxist to defend ourselves against overseas infiltration ".   Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - A group of dozens of Christians led by Card. Joseph Zen has asked the Chinese government to stop demolishing crosses on mainland China and to release religious leaders from jail. The retired bishop of Hong Kong pointed out that freedom is declining even in the former British colony: "We need to speak out, to take action to prevent this  from spreading". The protests were held yesterday in front of the Hong Kong Liaison Office with China. The Hong Kong Christian Institute, Christians for Hong Kong Society, Christian Social Concern Fellowship and Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Hong Kong were the four groups that protested yesterday. Participants chanted "respect for religious freedom" as they left flowers in memory of tho.......